This is the Hardcase Bio page


Hardcase in his 30s

Early Life

Hardcase was born in the city praying on ants  by his mother of unknown name, Hardcase played games until his family was captured by a family who happened to own Turbo destined to eventually win the Indi 500

Mid life

Eventually he heard that a snail named Theo was entering the Indi 500 discovering that his parents were killed by turbos owner he became enraged and started training in speed challenges and bested 10 speed masters, speed masters: snake, monkey, eagle, bat, tiger, zebra, cockroach, ant { who he ate and is therefore deceased } , cricket and lion.


After besting the masters he felt ready to take on turbo { see crazy fast} but failed, he tried to kill turbo later { see hardcase returns}, he escaped from the tar and started the Anti.Turbo.Squadron but the team disbanded after there lost against FAST, aside from this he

also attempted to kill turbo once more Willie .e. coyote vs. road runner style but lost however not before asking turbo to make him feel better and stop his henchmen from leaving by tacking a phony picture saying that he defeated Turbo and F.A.S.T

Future and Death: he was transported to the future with turbo the two first fought but eventually teamed up to find starlight city { which was destroyed } when the evil computer tried to destroy turbo he took the blow and clamed turbo was his prize killing himself and assuring that this future never happened.